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We are the Leading Supplier for Transportation and Logistics Solutions Worldwide

We understand the challenges of the transportation and logistics industry and build solutions that lead to more profitable, better managed processes. METTLER TOLEDO is known for our high-quality truck, rail and vehicle scales as well as our dimensioning, weighing and scanning solutions. Regardless of your application, METTLER TOLEDO can find a solution, or customize one for you, to meet your needs.

Truck Scales and Solutions
A complete line of weighbridges, components, and accessories for weighing in the most demanding applications and environments.

Pallet and Parcel Dimensioners
Automatic dimensioning of parcels and pallets for revenue recovery.

Pallet Truck Scales
Pallet Truck Scales (US Version)

Combine transport and weighing in one simple motion with our pallet jack and truck scales.

Rail Scales
Designed for easy and accurate weighing of rail cars to speed up throughput without compromising safety.

Vehicle Scale Management Software
Gain complete control of your weighing and transaction data with vehicle scale management systems for productivity and profit gains.

Postal Scales

Ensuring accurate measurements and greater efficiency in postal applications.

Forklift Scales

These scales save time and money by enabling forklift trucks to weigh loads accurately.

Dynamic Parcel Weighing
Optimum control and evaluation capability in parcel handling applications with dynamic weighing solutions up to 120 kg.