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Inline Product Inspection

In-Process Production Line Inspection Equipment for Quality Control and Contamination Detection


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Inline Product Inspection

The product inspection division of Mettler Toledo produces high quality, very reliable inspection equipment for use in high speed, demanding manufacturing production lines. Our checkweighers complete a 100% weight check of all items, while our metal detectors ensure that any metal contamination is found and eliminated from the production line. Additionally, x-ray inspection systems are able to effectively detect high densities of contaminates in the widest range of containers, and our vision inspection systems automatically check the product to ensure perfect presentation and that all required markings are present.

How will product inspection help?

Using Mettler Toledo inline product inspection will:

  • Effectively eliminate end-of-line defects and faulty or contaminated products
  • Automate final inspection processes to increase production efficiency
  • Prevent common or repeat mistakes caused by human error
  • Ensure the high quality of the products and protect the brand

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Contamination Detection

Choosing correct contamination detection technology between metal detection, x-ray inspection and vision inspection is vital for reliable contaminant removal.

Package Fill Control

Measure weight accurately with our checkweighers, estimate mass with x-ray inspection and carry out full bottle inspection including labels with our vision inspection systems.

Content and Package Quality Inspection

Identify missing or broken products, ensure no product is trapped in the seal, check for damaged packaging, inspect labels and verify barcodes.

Track & Trace and Serialisation

We provide simple serialisation application solutions for pharmaceutical production lines.

Statistical Process and Quality Control

Control your product quality, ensure compliance with customer and regulatory certification programs, maximize yields, minimize rework, and increase profits.

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