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Stop Making it Complicated

Titration, density determination, and refractometry don't have to be complicated. Nor slow, error-prone, or inefficient. The InMotion™ Autosampler's leaps forward in flexibility, modularity, throughput, and interconnectivity are bringing us as close as we've ever been to true automation. See the links to the right for more information and get a quote below.

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ROI Calculator

Sample Prep & AnalysisSingle SampleAutomationSavings
Daily Samples2525
Operator/Prep time/sample (min)40.5
Minutes / day total10012.5
Man Hours / day1.70.2
Man Hours / year41752
Employee wage / hr$35$35
Total $ (@ employee wage)$14,583$1,823$12,760
Accessory UsageSingle SampleAutomationSavings
Electrodes / year21.2
Electrode cost / year (@ $280)$560$336$224
Instrument & Method MaintenanceSingle SampleAutomationSavings
Minutes / day total152
Man Hours / year total61.38.2
Total $ (@ employee wage)$2,144$286$1,858

Total Annual Savings$14,842
Investment Payback (Months)
(based on average price of automation system)
Five Year Savings
(less 10% of initial investment as Op. costs/year)



ROI Calculator

Still not convinced that automation can make a difference? Fill in a few fields below and see your estimated total annual savings and investment payback immediately.

Sample Prep & Analysis

Daily Samples (e.g., 25):

Operator Prep Time (minutes per sample, e.g., 4):

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Instrument & Method Maintenance

Minutes per day (e.g., 15):



Build Your Own Automation

Every InMotion Autosampler is customized to provide the most benefit for your specific application. Answer a few questions in our Build Your Own Automation tool and we'll help select the perfect fit for you.

What is your beaker / vessel size?

How many samples would you like to automate?

Do you have simple direct measurements (e.g. pH or conductivity) or will you aliquot / dilute the samples for analysis?

Do you have the need to add more than one auxiliary reagent, solvent or rinsing agent?

Do your samples or solvents have harmful vapors or strong odors, e.g. acetic acid?

Do you have a need for temperature control in your samples?

Do you have need for multi-parameter analysis with automated density / specific gravity or refractive index?

Are you interested in an integrated, automated workflow, from sample weighing to result output?



Build Your Own Automation

InMotion systems are highly configurable, with additional solvent pumps, liquid handling, and many other convenent features. Please contact your sales specialist to discuss the finer details of the InMotion systems.