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Ergonomic Papers

Use these links to view or download ergonomic papers from Rainin.

TR-2001-1    "Pipetting, ergonomics, and you: ergonomics, pipetting risk factors, methods for reducing risk of injury, and recommended solutions." Rainin ergonomic paper.

TR-2001-2    "Smart pipetting: using ergonomics to prevent injury." Erickson/Woodard.

TR-2001-6    "Laboratory ergonomics: the wake-up call." Hoskins/Erickson.

TR-2001-7    "Cumulative trauma disorders: their recognition and ergonomic measures to avoid them." Kroemer.

TR-2001-8    "Hand and shoulder ailments among laboratory technicians using modern plunger-operated pipettes." Bjorksten et al.

TR-9901    "Ergonomic benefits of LTS pipettes." Fox.