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XA503S Precision Balance

Excellence in pure weighing

Phased-out since: Sep, 2014

Replaced with: XS603S

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Excellence XA Precision Balances provide you with fast, reliable results whatever your working environment. These robust and durable balances are the ideal choice for quality control applications and most common weighing procedures.

All the fundamental functionality you need in a straightforward, easy-to-use balance.

XA503S Precision Balance
XA503S Precision Balance
Specifications - XA503S Precision Balance
Material Number(s) 11126815
Limit values

Maximum capacity 510 g
1 mg
Repeatability (at nominal load)
0.9 mg
Linearity deviation
2 mg
Sensitivity offset (test load)
10 mg (500 g)
Balance dimensions (WxDxH)
198 x 366 x 276 mm
Weighing pan dimensions (WxD)
127 x 127 mm
Typical values

0.5 mg
Minimum weight (according to USP)
1.5 g
Minimum weight (@ U=1%, 2 sd)
100 mg
Settling time
1.5 s
Linearity deviation
1.3 mg
Sensitivity offset (test load)
2.5 mg (500 g)