M_one - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO


Vacuum weighing technology
up to 1 kg

National Metrology Institutes improve their measurement accuracy using the reference in vacuum mass determination: The METTLER TOLEDO M_one and M_10 evaluate various artefacts and results up to 10 nanograms accuracy and offer unique flexibility features. Determine the mass of weights, artefacts and silicon spheres up to 1 kilogramm, respectively 10 kilograms from controlled ambient pressure down to vacuum at 10-6 mbar. Load the artefacts directly through the quick loading door or through the Load-Lock system. The Windows®-based M_Control software accompanies the customer during the whole process.

Specifications - M_one
Maximum Capacity 1001.5 g
Readability 100 ng
Repeatability 500 ng ( 1 kg )
Settling time (typical) 30 s
Adjustment with internal weights Motorized (adjustment of the electrical range at a keystroke)
Weight handler 4 or 6 positions
Software and Controller standard
Temperature sensor for Klimet A30 optional
Electrical weighing range 1.5 g
Klimet A30 (Incl 1 T Sens) optional
Dimensions 720 x 1030 x 930 mm
Max. temperature change (°C /24h) ± 0.1 °C
Temperature (°C) 17 - 27 °C
Relative air humidity (%) 45 - 60 %
Features and Benefits
Mass determination of up to 10 kg with accuracy up to 10 ng
High vacuum conditions
Serially connected, the vacuum pumping system creates controlled measuring conditions from ambient pressure down to 10-6 mbar.
Ready for different shapes of artefacts
Thanks to the unique STAR-shaped pan, OIML weights from 1 mg up 1 kg for M_one* and 100 g up to 10 kg for M_10**, silicon spheres up to 100 mm in diameter or density artefacts can be placed directly on the weighing pan
Automated Gravimetric Centering (AGC) of weights
The AGC positions all types of artefacts exactly in its gravimetric center before measurement is done. This ensures the highest repeatability of measurements
Direct Access
The user places weights directly on the turntable through the large quick loading door. The ergonomic design allows direct access to the system
Constant vacuum
The unique Load-Lock system allows exchange of weights into the vacuum chamber without vacuum release
*  M_one - OIML weights from 1 mg up to 1 kg
** M_10 - OIML weights from 100 g up to 10 kg
Standard Features
The M_one system, the load lock, the artefact transfer module and the vacuum systems are designed on the basis of a modular concept. Regardless of the initial configuration, this offers the option of expanding the system as the applications demand and the budget permits.