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T70 Titrator

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Besides the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click Titration™, Plug & Play and method database, the T70 offers a number of other important features:

  • extended method flexibility
  • upgradeability to T90
  • expandable to perform conductivity measurements
  • Task List
Specifications - T70 Titrator
Number of burette drives 1 internal +3 external (optional, full titration control)
End point titration very suitable
EQP titration very suitable
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration very suitable
KF Titration yes
pH-stat very suitable
Sample changer option Rondolino, Rondo
GLP conform printout yes
Connection to Printer USB printer (PCL)
Connection to Barcode Reader yes (USB)
User guidance Learn titration, online help
Password Protection User manager / user rights
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese
Flexible method creation extended flexibility
Upgradable to T90
Task list (number of tasks) max. 10, max. 7 parallel
Short Cuts yes, max. 12 per user
Hot Plug and Play yes
Automatic burette recognition yes
Sensor boards max. 2
Series sequences max. 10
Plug&Play Sensors yes
Material Number(s) 51109010
Trade Name Titrator,Titration Excellence
T70 Titrator screen with task list

Task List
Besides the current analysis, simultaneous manual operations can be started and are displayed clearly in the Task List. For example, a reagent can be dis­pensed to the waiting samples using an additional burette drive while a titration is still running.

Karl Fischer Kit

Karl Fischer Kit
Everything needed for volumetric Karl Fischer titration is available in one kit including the titration stand with vessel, sensor, cables and tubes, the Solvent Manager for One Click™ solvent exchange and all small accessories. Simply choose a burette size and add Karl Fischer titration to your general titrator. Preprogrammed METTLER TOLEDO methods start volumetric Karl Fischer titrations without any modification in One Click™.

Methods with loops
Up to three analyses can be combined in a single method. For example, electrodecalibration, titer determination and sample analyses can be combined as loops in a single method and the results can be calculated simultaneously.

Conductivity sensor card for Titration Excellence line

Conductivity measurements
The T70 can easily be expanded with an additional pH or conductivity board, allowing simultaneous measurement of pH and conductivity.

Upgrade to T90
The T70 software can be upgraded to the T90 version. In the future, your T70 can make full use of the unlimited power and possibilities of the T90. A decision in favor of the T70 still leaves all options open for the future.

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T70 Titrator
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