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Bench Scales

Reliable weighing with bench scales for a wide range of applications


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Small but mighty scales for rugged industrial weighing

Compact bench scales take up minimal space while providing maximum accuracy and durability in rugged industrial environments. They hold up to daily use in wet and dry areas and some models are approved for hazardous areas. Equipped with strain gauge technology or electromagnetic force compensation, these scales guarantee highly accurate weighing results up to 61000e.

High Resolution Scales
Scales for Wet & Harsh Environments
Scales for Dry & Dusty Environments

High Resolution Bench Scales

Bench Scales for Wet & Harsh Environment

Bench Scales for Dry & Dusty Environment

Bench scales based on Monobloc technology provide maximum resolution whenever accuracy is key.
Hygienically designed bench scales ensure easy cleaning and minimize cross contamination
Mild steel, aluminium and plastic housings for non-corrosive environments.
Minimum process tolerances or loss of material due to high-end measurement technology
Long lifetime due to high ingress protection and use of stainless steel materials
Good value for various weighing tasks in dry or dusty environments

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