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IND560 Material Filling Controller

Advanced Material Control

The new Fill-560 Application Module from METTLER TOLEDO adds advanced features to the standard target control capabilities of the IND560 weighing terminal, including new sequences, process parameters, and input and output control for both a weigh-in and a weigh-out cycle.
Specifications - IND560 Material Filling Controller
Material Number(s) 22015533
Trade Name IND560
Save money with Advanced Control
Valves and feeders can be directly controlled from the IND560fill, eliminating the need for a costly PLC. Discrete inputs provide sequence control from local or remote locations. The SmartTrac™ graphical display provides a visual representation of process status.

Improve Process Quality and Personnel Efficiency
The Learn Mode and Automatic Spill Adjustment capabilities provide a means of continuously refining the accuracy of the weighing process. Operators can be freed up for additional tasks by using the Automatic Sequence Control, or the operator’s input can be focused on critical points in the process by selecting the Semi-Automatic Mode.

Increase Cost Effectiveness
With the InSite™ tool, weighing terminal configuration settings can easily be backed up to a PC, duplicated to other terminals, and stored for future download to restore original settings.

Filling and Dispensing Flexibility
The IND560fill can be used with simple single material or more advanced multiple material applications, blending up to four different materials. The entire contents can also be dispensed or dosed in a precise, controlled manner into single or multiple containers for the weigh-out cycle. In addition, the operator may program the controls to repeat the process a set number of times.

Features and Benefits
  • Weigh from milligrams to tons
  • Control manual, semi-automatic and automatic processes
  • Comply with industry regulations and global approvals
  • Connect your system to PLCs, LANs, WANs, and the Internet
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IND560 Material Filling Controller
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