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SWC515 PinMount™ PDX® Weigh Modules - Superior Performance

For Efficient Installation and Highest Accuracy with Predictive Maintenace

SWC515 PinMount™ PDX®  weigh modules provide highest accuracy and reliability. Monitor single load cells for overload, temperature, breach, zero drift etc. and enable reaction before system shuts down or measures incorrectly. They are designed for static and dynamic applications where loading involves horizontal forces.

Specifications - SWC515 PinMount™ PDX® Weigh Modules - Superior Performance
Hazardous area approval ATEX, UL, IECEX, FM standard on each load cell
Applications Tanks, Vessels, Mixers, Conveyors
Scale material Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware
Mounting options Compression
Maximum Capacity 20t, 30t, 50t, 90t (44000lb, 66000lb, 110000lb, 198000lb)
Protection class IP68 load cell, fully stainless steel
Accessories Dual stabilizer option
Approval OIML C3, C4, NTEP III M 5000, 10000

Predictive Maintenance
The PowerMount™ system constantly monitors load cell performance and alerts the user prior to serious trouble. This keeps you in control of your process and avoids faulty batches and huge follow-up costs.

Cables and Connectors
POWERCELL® load cells are easy to install, connecting to one another in a simple daisy-chain network. Data transmission is via CAN Bus for a very robust digital signal.

CalFree™ Plus - requires no test weight!
Sometimes calibration with test weights is impractical. PowerMount™ weigh modules can be calibrated without test weights, using the automated CalFree™ Plus system. POWERCELL® technology provides the necessary information to the terminal for a quick and low-tolerance calibration that even compensates for local gravity.

Lift-Off Protection
A robust lift-off bolt protects the scale against tipping that can be caused by strong winds, seismic forces, or collisions

Easy Installation
The SafeLock™ locking plate maintains top-plate alignment to help ensure that your scale is installed right the first time

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SWC515 PinMount™ PDX® Weigh Modules - Superior Performance
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