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Optimization and Scale-up of Batch Crystallization

Generate Supersaturation and Determine Final Crystal Product

A well-designed batch crystallization process is one that can be scaled successfully to production scale - giving the desired crystal size distribution, yield, form and purity.

Maintaining adequate control of the crystallizer temperature (or solvent composition) is the most basic prerequisite to successful optimization of batch crystallization. Synthesis Workstations in combination with FBRM and PVM crystal monitoring ensure a clear understanding of how changes in fundamental process variables directly impact the crystal product. More advanced process development, involving seeding and particle engineering, will only be successful if we are capable of controlling these underlying critical crystallization process parameters.

A more advanced design of an optimized crystallization process goes even further, requiring understanding of the process map (solubility and Metastable Zone Width Determination) and control of the driving force (supersaturation) of the crystallization.

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Optimization and Scale-up of Batch Crystallization